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We are so excited to announce our collaboration with the incredibly talented owner and creator of Mama Mala, Heather Mudry.  She is focused on fostering a community of mindful mamas that encourage and support each other to live according to their intuitions and desires. She is passionate about redefining the way we as women look at motherhood.  Going through the creative process with Heather was nothing less than amazing. Her generous, heartfelt intentions come through her work with ease. We hope you find the Sacred Beginnings Mama Mala to be as inspiring as we do.

Heather's passion is expressed by her words.  "We are the natural leaders and nurturers of our families. We all want what is best for our children. What we model in our own lives has a direct impact on the values we hand down to the next generation, and when we embrace our authentic selves, we give our children permission to do the same. My intention is that your Mama Malas give you the courage to follow your instincts, create a life and parenting style that work for you, and keep you aligned with your goals. I want you to live in the moment, drop what is unimportant to play with your children and go on fantastic and wild adventures.  Every mother deserves to feel radiant, adore her life and create her own path. Your Mama Malas take your desires and intentions and turn them into something tangible, touchable and real. Designed with healing stones, they cultivate a life of presence, intention and love. A life lead by your heart and not your head."

Being a mother is the most rewarding and challenging role you can play in life, and to be fully engaged and present for your children you need to truly know who you are, what you stand for and how you want to live.             

Setting aside time daily to meditate and set your intentions is the most important thing you can do when striving to live an intentional and authentic life. When we take the time for ourselves, we create a generation of kind intentional and empathetic people through our example.
Mala beads support your meditation practice by keeping track of repetitions of a mantra when meditating or by soaking up the energy of a silent meditation.  
While you wear your mala as a reminder of your intentions and to stay present, you can also include them in your meditation practice, carrying the peaceful energy of your meditation with you throughout the day. 
When used to keep track of repetitions of a mantra while meditating, Mala Beads help your racing mind find the stillness needed to reach inward to a place of peace. This opens the mind and frees us from past patterns. Your Mama Malas become a tangible reminder of what you wish to achieve and the journey you are on.

Visit Heather's website for some guided meditations.


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